Retail Growth Closed-door Seminar
Only 15 participants who are CIO/CMO/CTO/COO/CGO/CCO and leaders of retail, digital and IT department could attend. Every participants could express their own views and opinions freely; Strong privacy-no media, reports or audience; Gathering the most influential top experts of the retail industry, inducing retail growth!
Private Domain Operation and MARTECH Empowerment

About private traffic/ to be or not to be  

Full-link marketing and retail operation from public domain to private domain  

How to bring more traffic and efficiently convert in o sales

Part of inviting guests::

Yuwei XIE, Brand General Manager, P&G (Confirmed)

Echo HE, VP of Digital Marketing, Ctrip (Confirmed)

Zhihu SHANG, GM Digital Center, Yili Dairy (Confirmed)

Ran ZHANG, CMO, IKEA (China) (Confirmed)  

Wenlan XU, GM of Marketing Center, BTC Homeinns (Confirmed)

Jianli YU, Sales VP, INOHERB (Confirmed)

Adam ZHOU, Live-streaming Business Director/2C Private Platform BU GM, Liby (Confirmed)

Yong GAO, CMO, Prinx Chengshan (Confirmed)

Yuan LIU, e-Commerce Associated GM, 361° (Confirmed)

Marcia GUO, Vice General Manager, LELECHA (Confirmed)

Yejun SUN, Head of eCommerce APAC, Sanofi (Confirmed)

Haijun LI, Chief Data Officer, AIWAYS (Confirmed)  

Yong WANG, Senior VP & Editor-in-Chief of KEDAO Magazine, Nascent (Confirmed)

Will ZHANG, Cofounder/Chairman, ARK Federation (Confirmed)

Zhentong WANG, Co-Founder, ISHEJI (Confirmed)

Peilinling ZHONG, Vice General Manager, Lucidata (Confirmed)

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00 Hours Hours
07 Minutes Minutes
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