iDigital Annual Awards

In the complex environment, MARTECH's characteristics of empowering marketing and retail growth are more prominent. The rapic development of Internet technology has provided strong support for the growth of digital marketing. Between the known and the unknown, consumer behaviour and preferences are changing day by day, new waves of consumption is one after another, and technology is also constantly updated. Digital marketing, which is consumer and technology-cenric, should take advantage of the trend, seize the tide of the times, rise in the blue ocean, and detonate increment! The 2021 iDigital Annual Awards will bring together the power of professionals from all dimensions to  excavate new growth points, explore emerging marketing technologies, and reward the most innovative industry leaders. Let technology empower digital transformation and retail growth, break through the brand growth cycle, create the future...

The iDigital Annual Awards, held annually in conjunction with GMTIC, is dedicated to promoting innovation and development in the digital marketing, retail and MarTech industry, as well as recognizing outstanding contributors and innovators. Through their excellent ideas, business models, innovation cases and advanced technologies & solutions, they bring surprises to the entire industry. In 2020, iDigital Annual Awards received over 400 cases, representatives from brands, agencies, technologies & solutions providers have participated in the 2020 award declaration, who are from retail, FMCG, automotive, beaury, luxury, education, healthcare, aviation, finance, clothing and so on. After the multi-dimensional authoritative review, 76 cases/products/solutions/brands/individuals were awarded.

Award Process:

1. Fill in and submit the award application and relevant materials

2. Preliminary selction & Second-round selction : July - August

3. Final round: Mid-August

4. Awards Ceremony & Dinner : GMTIC / 17th September

Fees & Notes:

The application deadline for the award is 20th August, no submittion will be accepted after that;

Case application form is required, and the total number of attachments for each case should not exceed 3;

Th GMTIC Committee will contact the participating companies to verify the information within 2 working days after receiving the application documents.

To obtain the application form:

1. Contact the GMTIC Committee to get the award application form

2. Follow iDigital's official WeChat account, reply【GMTIC奖项】to get the form

3. Log in to the GMTIC official website and download the award information

The selction criteria are detailed in the award manual.

Brands Awards

Most Innovative Brand Award of the Year

Innovative Brand Value Award of the Year

Retail Innovative Brand Award of the Year

Cases Awards

Integrated Marketing         Content Marketing

e-Commerce Marketing     Cross-border Marketing

Effect Marketing                 Scene Marketing

Sports Marketing                Creative Strategy

User Operation                   Private Domain Operation

Video & Live-streaming      Retail Innovation

Entertainment & IP Marketing

Supplier/Company/Platform/ Product or Solution Awards

Annual Innovation MarTech Company

Annual Excellent Digital Marketing/Retail Service Provider

Annual Excellent AI Technology/Platform/Service Provider

Annual Outstanding Big Data Platform/Service Providers

Annual Excellent Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) Platform/Service Providers

Annual Best Private Domain Operation Service  Practitioner/Providers

Character Awards

CMO of the Year and Digital Transformation  

Leader Emerging Brand Leader

Note: The GMTIC Committee has the right of final explanation.

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