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Joining GMTIC2021 - Innovation Empowers MarTech and Retail Growth
Focus on: Digital Transformation and Retail New Infrastructure, Emerging Brands and Growth of New Consumption, Private Domain Traffic and User Operation, AI+MarTech etc.
There are various interactive ways for you to understand the current digital development status and growing demand of retail brands, including awards, speeches, panel discussions, closed-door seminars, one-on-one meetings, high-end cocktail parties and coffee breaks and so on. Diverse brand promotion and business networking opportunities would let you connect with brands and suppliers accurately. Through the digital transformation of marketing and retail technology, we might empower businesses to break through the bottleneck of retail growth and innovate the next increment! Meanwhile, the iDigital Annual Awards has also been upgraded with industry insights and ingenuity. There are new categories, including emerging brands, private domain traffic, user operation, short video and live-streaming and so on. We would like to recognize and reward the outstanding contributors and innovators in the past year, through their excellent marketing ideas, business models, innovative cases and advanced technologies and solutions, they bring the entire industry surprise, and then inspire more innovation and creativity...
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GMTIC is the most cutting-edge communication platform in the field of MarTech and retail innovation, which is designed for brand owners, retailers, senior marketers, IT and digital marketing executives, as well as start-up platforms. It mainly discuss popular industry topics of digital transformation, smart retail, AI and innovative development. Our aim is to discover the most innovative technologies and solutions in the modern marketing environment. Through dialogues, case sharing and so on, the most leading brand marketers and technology providers could present the most advanced MarTech, and look forward to the future.

How to obtain customers at a low cost? How to increase sustainably and effectively? How to empower marketing via digital upgrading, innovation and the development of new technologies, and then to achieve visible cost reduction and efficiency? Join GMTIC, let's detonate the next increment!

2021 GMTIC Topics

●  How Entity Business Build a New Retail Ecology

●  The Retail Digitalization Path of Traditional Companies

●  How AI and SalesTech Change the Retail Competition Pattern

●  The Evolution and Implementation of MarTech in the Era of Retail and New Consumption

●  How to Build an Efficient Data Growth System at Low Cost

●  Changes in the Retail Channels of Chinese Consumers

●  Live-streaming E-commerce Guides "the Stay-at-home Economy"

●  Empowering System -Retail Support for Full Business Scenarios

●  New Digital Infrastructure for the New Consumption Era

●  Digital Retail Stores and Experiences

●  Mini Program + Private Domain, Detonating the Next Growth Point of Brands

●  Uni Marketing Under the New Media Ecology

●  How to Drive Growth via Intelligent User Operation

●  How to Achieve Retail Innovation of Middle and High-end Brands

●  Technology Enables Retailers to Open Consumers' "Mystery Boxes"

●  Content Marketing - Catching Generation Z's attention

GMTIC 2020 Speakers
Participate in the speech, share the most representative case insights and business innovation; Technology for good drives retail growth!
Holly YUAN
Judy YE
Annie WU
Rolane YANG
Louis LIU
Wenjing LU
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